Shipping Policy

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Product Resources Inc. (PRI) Shipping Policies and Procedures

Flexibility for our customers is our number one goal when it comes to shipping out your orders.

  • All orders are processed within one business day of receiving them.

  • PRI will ship critical orders the same day when required by our customers. If this cannot happen, customers will immediately be told this to find an alternative. 

  • LTL shipments can be sent via a customer’s account if a  particular carrier is specified. If not, PRI will ship on our LTL account. We receive excellent shipping rates due to the volume of shipments we send. In this case, the shipping cost will be added to the customer’s invoice.

  • Ground shipments are shipped via UPS. PRI will ship on customer’s account when requested, or we will ship on our account and add the shipping onto the customer’s invoice.

  • Expedited shipping methods can be selected and will be billed appropriately for the increased cost.

  • PRI customers can check with us to find out the typical transit time from one of our shipping points to their location.

  • When RMAs are required, PRI will send the necessary paperwork to our customers in a timely manner.

  • PRI regularly ships internationally,  including to Canada, Europe, and Asia.

  • Customers are welcome to email or call PRI with any shipping related questions or issues.

Production Orders

PRI Edgebanding is unmatched when it comes to production options. We pride ourselves on offering the best matching capabilities with the most competitive pricing and lead times across the industry. 

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Widths &

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Lead Time

More PRI Benefits

Edge Banding Production Orders

Production Orders

We pride ourselves in our production and manufacturing  capabilities.   We work with 13 different extruders to find the best fit for your order. (i.e. Lead Time, Price, Minimum, Matching Requirements, Textured and Size)

Environmental Responsibility in Edge Banding Industry

Environmental Responsibilities

PRI Edgebanding recognizes the impact of our carbon footprints and we’re dedicated to utilizing greener materials for the benefit of the world in which we all live.

Edge Banding Brand Collections


We are offering our unique relationships in the industry to offer some of the best programs and collections around. Click below and see what the world of PRI can offer you.