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Funder America is a leading high quality TFL laminator with three locations in the US including FL, NC, and AR. Funder has provided quality panels for over 40 years to market segments including office furniture, store fixtures & POP displays, healthcare, closet organizational companies, residential cabinetry, and architectural millwork. Funders Mocksville NC plant also has complete panel fabrication equipment to provide you component parts that are cut, board, and edgebanded including contour banding when needed. Funder provides component parts to assist customers that have capacity issues or lack the equipment needed for a specific project. In addition to panels and component part fabrication, Funder America also offers you wood powder coating also in the Mocksville NC facility. Funder recently introduced a line of frameless cabinetry to assist customers that either lack capacity to produce a project or lack the equipment to produce this type of cabinet. To compliment this product line that is very well engineered and easy to navigate by you, Funder offers a complete door program with several different door styles.

When it comes to panel lamination, Funder does not take a backseat to any other laminator. Funder offers their own design collection as well as several textures that can be laminated to any desired paper. The Funder textures include:

  • Cabrera
  • Dakota
  • High Gloss
  • Matte
  • Sabatini
  • SensoVero
  • Suede
  • Surlague

Funder sources papers from a variety of printers located in North America and Europe. Funder is also able to procure paper from a number of HPL manufacturers. Funder is able to treat papers in the Mocksville facility, which offers more flexibility for Funder to treat paper to your panel specifications needed.

On high volume opportunities, Funder has the opportunity to custom match virtually any solid color or existing woodgrain in the market. Lead time for matching is short, cost savings is significant, and lab color match samples will be provided for approval. Funder utilizes an array of high quality cores from producers located in North America, South America, and Europe. Panel thicknesses options range from ¼” to 1-1/2”. Panel size options range from 4’x6’ – 5’x12’.

Funder is a proud partner to PRI. We have matched their entire collection in PVC and you can select any of their textures desired on production orders with small order requirements.

In addition, upper management of PRI are outside sales reps for Funder TFL panels in many geographic areas within the US. Please contact us with any panel opportunities and we will either help you or put you in touch with the right individual to assist.

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PRI Product Resources Inc guarantees the best pricing in the industry, regardless of whether your competing estimate comes from a distributor, an extruder, or even an HPL or TFL laminator. We are proud to offer our customers the finest TFL Decorative Panels and go the extra mile to make the process efficient. Contact PRI today to speak to our courteous team and request a complimentary sample box!
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PRI Edgebanding is unmatched when it comes to production options. We pride ourselves on offering the best matching capabilities with the most competitive pricing and lead times across the industry. 

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Edge Banding Production Orders

Production Orders

We pride ourselves in our production and manufacturing  capabilities.   We work with 13 different extruders to find the best fit for your order. (i.e. Lead Time, Price, Minimum, Matching Requirements, Textured and Size)

Environmental Responsibility in Edge Banding Industry

Environmental Responsibilities

PRI Edgebanding recognizes the impact of our carbon footprints and we’re dedicated to utilizing greener materials for the benefit of the world in which we all live.

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We are offering our unique relationships in the industry to offer some of the best programs and collections around. Click below and see what the world of PRI can offer you.