Mylar & Metal Edge Banding

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Mylar, metal edge banding, laminated mylar 4×8 sheets and metal high pressure laminate are all available for our valued customers. When you have a metallic project, please reach out to the PRI Supply sales team. We can Value Source best options for both the edge banding and panels needed for your project. Technical specification sheets are available on all of our listed products.

Mylar edge banding is a thin film laminated to a plastic backer, usually ABS or PVC. The mylar film resembles real metal and is available in both a brushed and polished finish. On all of the mylar edge banding we provide, there is a protective peel coat on top of the banding, which will prevent scratching to the edge band during your production process. This edge band also has a primer on the back, similar to PVC and ABS, which is what helps the edge band stick to your desired product.

Mylar vs. Real Metal Edge Banding

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  • Both mylar and metal edge banding are produced on wide master rolls, allowing you to have edge banding slit to any width. The mylar master rolls are 24” wide and the metal edge banding rolls are typically 7” wide, which provides a great deal of flexibility, depending upon the needs of your project.
  • Both mylar and metal edge banding can be produced in thicknesses ranging from .5mm up to 3mm. Most existing stock programs are in either .5mm or 1mm thicknesses. Others can typically be ordered on a custom basis with production minimums.
  • The mylar and metal edge bands look very similar, but mylar is more economical as it is a film instead of a thin real metal surface.
  • Both mylar and metal edge banding are available in a wide variety of choices, including: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Gold, Chrome, Pewter, Zinc, Bronze and Copper.

Production Orders

PRI Supply is unmatched when it comes to production options. We pride ourselves on offering the best matching capabilities with the most competitive pricing and lead times across the industry. 

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Production Orders

We pride ourselves in our production and manufacturing  capabilities.   We work with 13 different extruders to find the best fit for your order. (i.e. Lead Time, Price, Minimum, Matching Requirements, Textured and Size)

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Environmental Responsibilities

PRI Supply recognizes the impact of our carbon footprints and we’re dedicated to utilizing greener materials for the benefit of the world in which we all live.
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