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Kronospan edge banding is in high demand due to its phenomenal performance and commitment to sustainability for generations to come. PRI Edgebanding is proud to offer our customers access to high-quality products at the most affordable prices to help them achieve all of their goals for projects. Our industry partnerships with extruders assist PRI in developing stocking programs for your business so that you can purchase from existing programs. PRI can ship to you from our inventory or from sister companies and extruders who can ship directly from their stock. Our goal is to make the process seamless from start to finish to have the products you need.

Our courteous and knowledgeable team uses our longstanding experience to provide our customers with the highest level of expertise. PRI Edgebanding is unmatched when it comes to production options. We pride ourselves on providing the best matching capabilities with the most competitive pricing and lead times across the industry. PRI is proud to offer our customers a variety of high-quality wood products from Kronospan. 

Egger's sample chains available in 15/16 x 1mm

About Kronospan, LLC

Kronospan Wood Products, LLC produces high-quality wood solutions in Europe and the Americas while marketing worldwide to reach customers all over the globe. Kronospan is committed to customer-focused service through close customer contact and open communication and by consistently developing and offering innovative solutions around the natural material of wood. From order creation to delivery to the customer, EGGER delivers excellence. The committed professionals at EGGER use the latest technology, continuously optimize processes, and automate and digitalize production and supply chain workflows.

Commitment to sustainability

Kronospan is dedicated to promoting sustainable forestry and eco-friendly products to keep future generations in mind and assume ecological, economic, and social responsibility. Kronospan firmly adheres to compliance with legal and social standards in our supply chains, and the wood comes from 100 % verified legal and controlled sources according to ISO 38200. The EGGER team purchases by-products from regional and certified sawmills to save natural resources. In addition, EGGER opts for internationally certified energy and environmental management systems by ISO 50001, ISO 14001, and EMAS.
As one of the leading wood-based material manufacturers, EGGER is aware of society’s responsibility toward the environment and takes every measure to ensure the prosperity of future generations the actions that EGGER takes.

Choose PRI for EGGER ABS Edge Banding

ABS edge banding is becoming increasingly popular for specification-driven projects in the healthcare, commercial casework, and hospitality furniture arenas. At PRI, we go above and beyond to prioritize the needs of our customers and deliver affordable, responsive solutions. We offer convenient solutions with shipping points throughout the country. You can turn to PRI for same-day shipping from our stock collection when your project has tight deadlines. PRI offers the most attractive pricing and lowest production minimums in the industry. We understand the importance of project deadlines and use our expertise to provide you with the materials you need to complete them. One of the major benefits of working with PRI for EGGER edge band products is that we can expedite the shipping process, so our customers have what they need. PRI EGGER ABS Edge band is extruded in North America and can ship within three weeks of the date of received order, while EGGER edge banding is produced in Europe with a lead time of typically 12 weeks or more to get to the US. In addition, PRI shares the commitment with companies and countries worldwide, placing a high degree of importance on doing whatever is possible to protect our environment for us and generations to come. Multiple edge banding options are much more eco-friendlier than PVC, which has dominated the market for many years. These more eco-friendlier products include ABS, Polypropylene (PP), and Polyester/Melamine. The benefits of each of these edge banding types include the following.

ABS Edge Banding:

  • • Quickly becoming the eco-friendly choice in the edge banding as the industry becomes greener.
  • • Pricing through PRI for ABS is the most competitive in the market, as PRI presently supplies more ABS edge banding to North America than any other extruder or distributor.
  • • ABS is being specified by architects and the design community for use in healthcare settings and the educational community, including schools throughout the US.
  • • No toxins during proper incineration – only CO2, water, and nitric oxide result during adequate combustion.
  • • ABS edge banding can be used on all of the same edge banding equipment you use to apply PVC. No special glues or hot melts are needed, as you can use your current adhesive in your kit.
  • • Short production lead times
  • • ABS is available to you from several stocking programs PRI offers.
  • • Excellent color matches to most HPL, TFL, vinyl, and laminates.
  • • Reduced weight, resulting in a lower shipping cost.
  • • Available in multiple textures and gloss levels.

Matching Egger’s extraordinary textures

PRI is exceptionally focused on all details, ensuring our customers get what they need. We apply the most innovative textures to our décor surfaces to provide customers with the ideal materials to create expressive designs that offer the natural feel and character of the original material. Our skilled team has you covered from wood to metal or concrete.

Woodgrain textures

A thoughtfully-designed texture provides the perfect extra touch that makes woodgrain reproduction stand out. Our woodgrain textures are created with matte-gloss effects, gently brushed pores, soft hollows, or a natural appearance, assuring you will find the right look for your project.
  • • ST10 Deepskin Rough
  • • ST19 Deepskin Excellent
  • • ST12 Omnipore Matt
  • • ST22 Deepskin Linear


Feelwood provides a visual and sensory experience for a high-value appearance. These deep textures are perfectly synchronized with the decor image using embossed-in-register (EIR) technology to deliver an authentic look and feel that rivals solid wood or veneers—but with all the advantages of thermally fused laminate (TFL).
  • • ST28 Feelwood Nature
  • • ST33 Feelwood Crafted
  • • ST37 Feelwood Rift

Matte and high-gloss surfaces

Decors achieve their strong effect when paired with the most appropriate texture.

  • • HighGloss (HG)
  • • HG HighGloss
  • • PerfectSense Matt (PM) / Topmatt (PT)
  • • PM/PT PerfectSense Premium Matt/Topmatt
  • • PerfectSense Gloss (PG)
  • • PG PerfectSense Premium Gloss
  • • ST14 Smoothtouch Sand
  • • ST9 Smoothtouch Matt
  • • Super matte


Offering a range of colors

At PRI, we offer an extensive stock program, including an abundance of colors and textures, as the market demands. We are committed to providing colors that our customers need and staying ahead of the curve. Below are the colors we provide:
  • • Anthracite Mountain Larch
  • • Grey Beige Tossini Elm
  • • Brown Orleans Oak
  • • Tobacco Halifax Oak
  • • Sand Orleans Oak
  • • Natural Halifax Oak
  • • Vicenza Oak
  • • White Cape Elm
  • • Brown Linen
  • • Grey Linen
  • • Beige Linen
  • • Black Super Matte
  • • Graphite Super Matte
  • • Dust Grey Super Matte
  • • Light Grey Super Matte
  • • White Super Matte
  • • White W954
  • • White Premium W100 Super Matte

Request a complimentary sample chain

PRI Edgebanding guarantees the best pricing in the industry, regardless of whether your competing estimate comes from a distributor, an extruder, or even an HPL or TFL laminator. We are proud to offer our customers the finest EGGER edge banding and go the extra mile to make the process efficient. Contact PRI today to speak to our courteous team and request a complimentary sample key chain!

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Production Orders

PRI Edgebanding is unmatched when it comes to production options. We pride ourselves on offering the best matching capabilities with the most competitive pricing and lead times across the industry. 

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Edge Banding Production Orders

Production Orders

We pride ourselves in our production and manufacturing  capabilities.   We work with 13 different extruders to find the best fit for your order. (i.e. Lead Time, Price, Minimum, Matching Requirements, Textured and Size)

Environmental Responsibility in Edge Banding Industry

Environmental Responsibilities

PRI Edgebanding recognizes the impact of our carbon footprints and we’re dedicated to utilizing greener materials for the benefit of the world in which we all live.

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