Edge Banding Industry Innovations: Laminate Textures

The textures and finishes that have been offered by Melamine and HPL laminators over the past 15 years are among the biggest innovations the laminate and melamine industry has ever seen.

The presentation of your final product is everything, whether you are building residential cabinetry, desks for hospitals, or hospitality furniture. As your premier edge banding supplier, we make sure to keep up with the latest trends, and can match the growing number of textures being introduced to the market by Melamine and HPL producers.

Since the creation of PRI Edge Banding in 1996, we have been driven to offer the highest quality customer service and product options to our clients.

More than a decade ago, the texture trend was just beginning. Now, having the ability to match a wood grain texture is a game changer; it makes a huge difference when it comes to the overall look of the finished product presentation.

Current demands call for new textures and require products that look and feel like real wood, instead of simply a plastic product. One of the benefits PRI offers is that we work with multiple extruders and can offer over 40 different edge banding textures to our customers. No other edge banding vendor in the market provides this amount of choices! We can source anything from European High Gloss Mirror finish to Barnwood-like textures that will bring a project to life in ways that have never been imagined before.

North American vs. European Edge Banding Production

Several years ago, the market was driven by European Mirror Gloss panels in an array of solid colors and woodgrains. Matching edge banding could not be produced in North America, so this banding needed to be brought in from Europe, which remains case today.

As trends go, North America is typically several years behind Europe. In addition to the Mirror High Gloss texture, Europe introduced the Supermatte texture, which is now rapidly gaining popularity in North America.

PRI is able to have Supermatte edge banding produced in two weeks and can match any laminate or melamine Supermatte color. We are not dependent on only one extruder; we have four extruders that work closely with us for production. Additionally, PRI stocks several popular colors in standard sizes of 15/16 x .018 and 15/16 x 1mm in the Supermatte finish.

Laminate Trends

PRI closely follows the laminate trends in Europe and North America, making certain we keep up with all of the newest textures that we can offer to our customers.

Producing new edge banding textures requires the creation of a texture wheel used in the extrusion process to apply this texture to the edge band. PRI does not ask customers to pay for these wheels and we absorb the significant dollar investment that is required.

Please feel free to reach out to PRI to discuss your design and texture needs. We are happy to provide you samples of the textures we offer and our team employs an artistic design department that our clients find helpful when selecting products.