Current Edge Banding Industry Extrusion Lead Times and PRI’s Solution

Providing unmatched customer service for your edge banding needs is a major component of the business model at Product Resources Inc. (PRI). We take pride in thinking outside of the box to find solutions to challenges our customer base faces.

Here are a few ways we have made it our mission to go above and beyond:

  • Catching last minute flights to deliver products during emergencies.
  • Driving products several hours away to resolve issues.
  • Expediting production orders to be completed in a few days as opposed to standard production lead times that exist throughout the industry.

We understand the demands placed on our customers. You have to complete projects with short lead times to provide for your customers. PRI always has this in mind and our team will work with you closely always work with you, providing industry-leading customer service.

Current Challenges in PVC Edge Banding Supply

There are unique challenges impacting the supply chain for PVC edge banding products, as well as almost all other raw materials at the present time.

Raw material shortages and continuous spikes in pricing have occurred for the last four months. This has created challenges for edge banding extruders who have never experienced such market fluctuation.

Covid-19 has dramatically impacted employers. The pandemic has made it difficult to find employees and scheduling has been difficult with employees needing time off of work for health reasons. These factors and more have led to dramatic increases in production/extrusion lead times by major market providers.

Increased Extruder Lead Times and PRI’s Response

Currently, four of the major extruders are experiencing much larger lead times. Lead times for extruders now consistently range from four to six weeks.

PRI has taken steps to insulate our customer base from these extensions and are able to protect you from material shortages. We have made major purchasing commitments to raw material suppliers who guarantee the uninterrupted flow of edge banding for our customers.

Our team also provides the PRI express program, which enables us to have product produced in only a few days when necessary. This is unheard of in the industry and is not offered by any other extruder or national distributor.

Questions or Concerns?

We want to hear from you! Please reach out to us with everyday opportunities as well as challenges that you think may not be able to be resolved. PRI will take every action possible to get you what you need, when you need it. We ask that you share this important information with your project managers and estimators to avoid unexpected rising costs and extended lead times. We stand by our customers and their needs.

Contact us today with your questions, concerns, and to discuss your next project.