PVC Edgebanding

Custom Extruding or Find it For You

Whatever size, or color pvc edgebanding you need we have you covered. The PRI extrusion plant can handle sizes from 5/8” all the way to 3-1/4” widths. And thicknesses can be extruded in .016mm through 3mm.

We can also do flexible pvc edgebanding for contours in sizes 2mm and 3mm thick. And can also provide you with fluted PVC edging in 3mm as well. With widths in popular 15/16” and 1-5-16” are included and if you need a different size or color we can do it within 3 weeks. And we have a wide range of rigid pvc edgebanding available for you as well.

Wether your looking for solid colors, patterns, or woodgrains we already have matches to popular pvc edgebanding on hand. And they are available in a wide range of finishes including high gloss. While woodgrains in sizes 2mm and thicker are available in surface print, or grain thru.

If you need a pattern that we already don’t have on hand. We can create a custom cylinder and typically have it made at a low cost and have it ready in one to two weeks! Standard production lead times are usually two weeks, but if you have a crisis and need it FAST…we can get it done. This is because your pvc edgebanding will be produced in our own manufacturing facility.

We follow all accepted industry specs on all pvc edgebanding extruded in our plant. And we can give you a specification page on request if you need it.

If we can’t produce it for you, we have relationships with several other PVC edgebanding manufactures. Through these partnerships we can make their product available to you a excellent pricing.

So to sum it all up.. we make it possible for you to source any PVC edgebanding or any other edgebanding whether we produce it or not. At prices and options no other extruder can match.

Give us a call today! We look forward to serving you for any pvc edgeband supply needs.

Production Orders

PRI Edgebanding is unmatched when it comes to production options. We pride ourselves on offering the best matching capabilities with the most competitive pricing and lead times across the industry. 

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Edge Banding Production Orders

Production Orders

We pride ourselves in our production and manufacturing  capabilities.   We work with 13 different extruders to find the best fit for your order. (i.e. Lead Time, Price, Minimum, Matching Requirements, Textured and Size)

Environmental Responsibility in Edge Banding Industry

Environmental Responsibilities

PRI Edgebanding recognizes the impact of our carbon footprints and we’re dedicated to utilizing greener materials for the benefit of the world in which we all live.

Edge Banding Brand Collections


We are offering our unique relationships in the industry to offer some of the best programs and collections around. Click below and see what the world of PRI can offer you.